Recent Works

  • Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve, Acrylic on Canvas

  • Unity is a powerful force

    Unity is a powerful force, Acrylic on Canvas

  • Enigma of Freedom

    Enigma of Freedom, Oil on Canvas

  • Gentle Waves

    Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas

  • Heart Breaker

    Heart Breaker, Digital Painting

"A work of art is a display of your inner thoughts and emotions whether you are the creator or a spectator intrigued by it!"

Artist all my life, yet absent for over three decades, a few short years ago I returned to pick up where I left! The subject of most my paintings are to preserve the memory and elegance of the past and all that remains around us today before they become a thing of the past. My acrylic on canvas depicts nature, historic buildings, artifacts and more evoking a sense of nostalgia, happy memories, and appreciation for fleeting moments of beauty. At the same time, some of my works depicts social issues and current state of humanity.

I am also experimenting with digital painting/digital art and sculpture as secondary obsession and pastime.

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